Everyone faces a transition from a former circumstance. Even in amicable situations, we are unprepared for the emotional upheaval and often unexpected feelings about changes to our daily lives and future plans. I help independent women access their own power to achieve and maintain a holistic sense of well-being, both personally and professionally, as they redefine themselves. It takes a clear head to make good decisions.

Why do some people seem to suffer, while others thrive? Whether we are talking about relationships, finances, or health, there needs to be a goal and steps to take us in the right direction.

Whatever you are currently experiencing, you need to identify what is standing in the way of what you want. Outside influences can’t be controlled, and that is challenging. Instead of avoiding the problem, look internally to find a positive way to tackle problem-solving.

Four steps to identify who you are and what you want:

  1. Look at your business, relationships, health, or retirement plans, and establish a long-term goal.
  2. Break it down into smaller steps to reduce the sense of discomfort.
  3. Revise your thoughts about fears, expectations of others, perceived time constraints, and costs or savings involved.
  4. Avoid blaming other people and situations because it only leads to unhealthy comparisons and doubt.

You’ve got this. It isn’t always easy, but it can be done. Remember that every struggle can lead to a powerful sense of accomplishment.

Choosing your destination

To determine where you want to go, you must identify your ultimate destination. You will start out visualizing the goal by imagining how it feels, smells, or even tastes, so it becomes a living thing. Once you are pointing toward your purpose, opportunities may present themselves along the way that require decision making. Your goal needs to be flexible because how we adapt to change determines your level of success.

To know if you are using your power to reach holistic goals, ask yourself, “are my thoughts aligned with my vision?” Just stop yourself mid-thought and concentrate on your internal monologue. If positive thoughts are moving you toward your ultimate destination, great! Celebrate it. You are living in alignment and attracting people and resources that can help you.

Intentional thinking and action

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, it is so important to pay attention to your thoughts. They have the power to affect your ability to adapt, make positive decisions, and reach success. They attract new opportunities, strong relationships, better health, and creative goals.

What are you telling yourself? Are your thoughts fear-based or love-based? Scarcity-based or abundance-based? Listen to yourself, write it down, discover where it comes from and why. Many thoughts are old beliefs based on random experiences and odd interpretations carried from childhood. Are they rational?

If your thought is not aligned with where you want to go, STOP IT in its tracks! Notice it, understand what it means, and CHOOSE to revise it until it matches your lifestyle and vision. YOU create your reality.

Let me give you an example. I want to retire early, live in Mexico, learn to surf and speak Spanish, and be financially free. But as I’m driving in my car one day, running errands, my mind is wandering. Suddenly, I notice that I’m assessing my future goals in a fear-based state. My thoughts are going on and on about how everything feels so hard right now, and nothing is coming with ease. I consciously stop myself and focus on calming my emotions and relaxing my body. Once I arrive in the present moment and feel gratitude for everything that is going well, I can use that energy to get back in alignment with reaching my retirement and lifestyle goal. I know I’ve revised my thinking when I realize my feelings of stress have gone, and I can laugh at myself.

Once you learn to shift your thoughts from scarcity-based to abundance-based, you can attract what you want in life more easily, and your behaviors change to multiply the effect. The mind turns the body, and you control the thoughts to create the reality you want.

Starting your journey

Imagine putting your barriers and goals together in a conference room and developing a plan to get back on track. Look at techniques and tools that will help you with individual steps, like taking a class, using a software app, redecorating a workspace, or exercise. Slowly build your solution by moving ideas around, making changes, and altering processes. See the concrete steps in your mind and focus. Positive thoughts and change must be intentional. Paying attention to them is similar to meditation. You may need support to replace bad habits with good ones, and I would love to help you reach your goals and attract what you want through intentional thoughts.

Only by getting clear on your current reality will you be able to make some serious changes and solve problems you once thought were too complicated. Three things might help:

  • Yoga can give you an immediate update of the health of your body
  • Meditation can give you a clear idea of the state of your mind
  • Financial planning can outline the steps to an affordable and comfortable lifestyle

After some evaluation and introspection, fear is only an indicator that it is time to step forward and lean into challenges. You will improve your relationship with money, feel empowered in business, discover the joy of collaboration and partnership, and be healthy in your body and mind. Life becomes a whole new paradigm.